Netease promotional account (Tu Chu Wuyi poly flowers of Sivaganga: burns the earth TNUMBERx480, words and smiles if the breeze Zhang Zifeng not repair Oro County outflow, was netizens openly criticised: her breasts got in the way of who "masturbation dream"?) Unexpectedly,

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In the blink of an eye, Riviera a furnace warmth. 2. tea mountain Longwangyan origin Tu Chu advertise Longwang Zhilu, from the silent opening, to the clear springs of stone upstream surging, each water bitterness are "something else bitter in the heart" dry tea light skin tightly knotted intact, Urumqi light, the surface of the frosty colour, sniffing of the sweet juice aroma ten grams of chilled, look at the mouth of the whistle! Curly herbs in the white porcelain bowl dance, do not feel already "tea is not fragrant people from drunk". 3. tea mountain Longwangyan herbs is the main rock? The first punch, spicy KMH cinnamon incense straight to the chest, such as the power of Qiaofeng as resounding; the second punch, is still a strong cinnamon breath is the main tone, because the simmering thick and heavy internal quality, the exit at the hidden light mist, quickly in the throat, replaced by a strong sense of astringency; the third punch, the fragrance of flowers, like orchids, like Xiangjianzhao, like lotus root, scent clear and unmixed, mung bean soup is not a medicine hanging cup incense performance; the fourth punch! , flowers and fruits and honey fragrance frankincense alternately rising, layer by layer, and the fragrance of the atmosphere is blended, cover incense elegant, three-dimensional sense of strong, strong hanging cup incense. 4. Chashan Dragon King Au Herbs Co. simmering orange and yellow bright, clear Kotting mung bean soup exported to the delicate, smooth, TNUMBERA32, the bottom of the throat in the summer, sour and sweet and rapid generation of fluids; the fifth punch, the Dragon King pointed to the way to continue to raise the code, the hegemony of the outside world, the mung bean soup Tilu has a gelatinous sense of the substance contained in the Rich; sixth punch, sitting cup two minutes, soup out, cinnamon incense stable, rock bone rinse throat, sweet fresh mellow, as if the pulp in the throat gently smooth slide arsine fresh bitter, there is an invisible tension, sweetness is higher, the cool sense of prominence; the seventh punch, the Dragon King's fingerprints aroma turned ghost, like the valley orchid, high persistence, stability, continuity of the ability to be able to; the eighth punch, the warmth of the slightly turned pale, then, bitter is still there, simmering rich in endogenous substances, the Leaf stretching, soft bright light; the ninth flush, the fragrance rhyme fusion, rhyme hidden in the water, the tea is like a cup of high wine, the stimulation of the mouth after the exit is obvious, and then immediately dispersed, the sides of the tongue began to sweet and sour, bitter and astringent persistent, the lips and teeth to stay fragrant. 5. Tea Mountain five dragons more than ten flushes after the beginning of the hard to sit in the cup, at this time, although the warmth of the light down, however, the bottom rhyme still exists, the mung bean soup presents a strong honey isomorphic medicine summer of the bamboo leaf fragrance, the bottom of the leaves fat square stalks, holding the leaf bottom. Leaf bottom fat square culm, holding group sharp, red edge show, elasticity, craft superior continue to chill, when all the aroma is subsiding, tea freshness revealed, as always, the sweet icing sugar, as the winter sunshine, give people a gentle feeling.6. Meishan Xianshan "a stream of sealing the throat, swinging gas back to the intestines, rich fragrance, rich layers, each simmering bitter and astringent flavour are different, will be fragrant, Gan, Qing, live interpretation of the best, the unique flavour of the surprise again and again," this is a senior tea guest should be Min Pin Longwangjilu feeling of the tea man A Lian in his circle of friends in the sun tea comment: "Longwangjilu is a bubble with muscles and bones, chewy tea, ten have a residual aroma, twelve have residual flavour, fifteen to get people drunk". 7. . five dragon tea is what the tea is cinnamon, born with a good skin, born with an elegant pedigree, rich in connotation in the eyes of Tu Chu Tea Industry Liu Jian, tea mountain never lack of good cinnamon, but can drink a good bubble of cinnamon but more and more difficult to say: "Selection of tea is a very serious matter, of course, it does not necessarily have to be from the hands of so-and-so, and does not necessarily have to be a certain Scholar or King of Tea, and even more so, it is not necessarily to go after a kind of unique tea. Must go after an original personality fragrance, but to pay attention to an aroma, water, rhyme of the integrated performance, so that the tea live, sweet, clear, fragrant. 8. Tea Mountain Xian Finger Hui tea tea is not perfect tea just as people are not perfect, but it's 'origin' must be positive, the mountain must be enough 'hard', can not just stay in the tea, but the tea is not perfect, it's not just the tea. ', can not just stay in the market popular 'face fragrance', or rely on 'handwritten' mountain field, it should be a bubble simply from the bitterness of the absolute satisfaction of the power can be transmitted to you! "Tu Chu Xianjian, a rock a tea as they say: read ten thousand volumes of books is better than travelling ten thousand miles, travelling ten thousand miles is better than reading countless people, reading countless people is better than a famous teacher to point the way. 9. tea mountain Longwangyan in which life, the road is very long, twists and turns bumpy, if someone pointing out, someone to carry, someone to help, that is a kind of happiness" So, meet every such a nobleman. We should respect him as the Dragon King Dragon King pointing the way is very important, the road of life to meet the nobleman guide, more to know how to cherish and appreciate" This is Liu Jian to the bubble of tea named Dragon King pointing the way of the original intention.10. Tea Mountain Dragon King Rock picture tasting Dragon King pointing the way, feel the bones of the mountain and stone, flowers and grasses of the aroma, far away from the subtle and long, clear, a flower and a grass, a world of life, life embodied in it, as if the earth! The new life of all the elephants, burning the world of all colours, words and smiles if the breeze of a good tea, waiting for the people who can drink to understand it love to drink tea is blessed, and the tea is a temperature I have a cup of tea, I would like to be with you to taste. The Dragon King points the way, grateful to meet (Lin Qin)

Netease promotional account (Tu Chu Wuyi poly flowers of Sivaganga: burns the earth TNUMBERx480, words and smiles if the breeze Zhang Zifeng not repair Oro County outflow, was netizens openly criticised: her breasts got in the way of who

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