Jump a jump new action game, multi-player hack together jump (brush six days "jump a jump", I comprehend the QQ "mini-game" hidden rows of money secret) taught,

point to select the top blue handwritten body "Baidu entrepreneurial team" priority choice to pay attention to the public number of the equity investment circle nothing is huge and detailed, you can be in the grasp of the Baidu Entrepreneurial Team | ID: qqchuangye "mini fighting game" open to the outside world is a class of potential, really a class of QQ face and for the developers, this is the name of this veritable gift package of the year Wen / early Youkovsky source / T5450 Park (ID: geekpark) preface wariness of the enterprise began to come out, wariness of the QQ mini fighting game finally on the shelves! I don't know if we still remember two years ago Ke Feng had said in the 2017 QQ lecture, "small process at that time can't do fighting games" Now, two years have passed, small process at about four o'clock yesterday morning officially announced the opening of the fighting game potential to the public small process why at that time at that time to preview the fighting game function? What kind of fighting game is suitable for small process fighting game?QQ mini fighting game open to the public on the startup team people in the end means what? Yesterday, we just brought us TRAP small process from the birth of the two years of growth footprint ("retained ten million flow is still losing money, how to get out of this kind of net red small process bottomless pit? The point to step into can read), brush six days "jump a jump" leaf lip column will take us to talk about QQ "mini fighting game" hidden row money secret "mini fighting game" open to the public is a kind of potential, in fact, a kind of face of QQ. The QQ small process has shelved the "mini fighting game" plate in the last three days of 2017, and after eagerly awaiting it, the QQ small process has finally officially announced that it supports the fighting game. At present, it is only necessary to upgrade the QQ application to the 6.6.1 version, so that you can experience QQ's much-anticipated new function. I believe that many people have also been the following picture to the circle of friends: mini fighting games currently exits in two places: 1, from the "discovery - fighting games" step into the "mini fighting games", and check the mini fighting games played by close friends; 2, in the QQ's "search" in the search for the name of the mini fighting games, for example: jump a jump, you can start playing directly last year, Ke Feng in 2017, said at the QQ seminar "small process at that time", "the small flow of the QQ application," said that the QQ application will be able to experience that much-anticipated new function of QQ. The QQ lecture said that "small process can't do fighting games at that time", two years later at that time, the small process officially announced that it opened up the fighting game potential to the public.365 days of days, QQ why in that number of days to give priority to open up the small process of the fighting game potential to the public? What profound impact will that highly anticipated preview have on the entire mini-fighting ecosystem, including its developers? We had a round of communication with the QQ team about the original cause of the mini-fighting game, hoping to help developers have a clearer understanding of the mini-fighting game.1 What is a mini-fighting game, and how should it be expressed? Hey look at the QQ official expression of the mini fighting game: mini fighting game is a small process of a category, it Goni County that is playing, no need to go offline, the new experience is small, you can play with friends in QQ, such as PK, stop and watch, etc., to enjoy the thrill of the mini fighting game mini fighting game is a very clear goal - -. The goal of mini fighting games is very clear - to meet the needs of SNS fun fighting games. The goal of the mini fighting game is very clear - to meet the market demand for SNS fun fighting games, and this huge market demand has long been proved on QQ In August 2014, QQ fighting game centre in QQ 5.0 version was officially announced on the shelves, and increased the payment function, so it can be seen that QQ, which has 400 million users, has begun to try to achieve commercialisation with fighting games. Along with QQ Fighting Game Centre, QQ first released two lightweight casual fighting games, which soon became popular in the entire QQ ecosystem - "Everyday Love Elimination" and "Classic Plane Battle" Everyday Love Elimination quickly rose to the top of the Apple App Store by virtue of QQ's huge number of users, as well as the addition of SNS elements such as ranking in the circle of friends and reciprocal gifting. The game quickly rose to the top of the Apple App Store's fighting game download rankings. Another embedded in QQ, "Classic Aircraft Battle" is more like the "predecessor" of the small process fighting game at that time. This casual mini fighting game does not need to be downloaded and installed, and can be played by opening it directly in QQ, which is very easy to get started, and also makes good use of QQ's relationship chain resources, so that friends can see each other's real-time rankings and get help from their friends, which is considered to be the earliest mini fighting game that has just been on the shelves. It is the earliest form of the mini fighting game that has just hit the shelves. The QQ Mini Fighting Game that triggered the "All People Playing Jet" craze was introduced because of SNS relationships, and the way of "Playing Jet, Sunshine Achievements" soon became popular in the circle of friends, and since then, inspired by the "Classic Jet Battle", the H5 Fighting Game began to be popular in the QQ ecosystem, and according to the understanding, the mini-fighting game launched this time will be fully compatible with and supportive of the H5 Fighting Game. However, the mini fighting game is not equal to the H5 fighting game, it is a small process of a category, which is also destined to it will be lower than the previous H5 fighting game development costs, running faster, fixed exit, can call more mobile phone functions ...... the advantages of these small processes compared to the H5 in the mini fighting game will be reflected! For example: the mini fighting game in the QQ "discovery" exit can be directly accessed; similar GPS, gravity sensing, filming, recording of these interfaces may also give the mini fighting game to provide a more rich fighting game than H5 new experience. However, the current limitations of the small process will also be reflected in the mini fighting game, more stringent audit, limited sharing channels (can not be forwarded to the circle of friends) However, according to the current e-commerce small process of a variety of fancy to pull the effect of the new, as long as the product is good enough, the pure dialogue list to share the effect of customer acquisition will not be bad, as long as the game is good, and even more efficient than the sharing of the circle of friends. 2 what kind of fighting game Suitable for small flow fighting games? "This may be the most accurate expression of the mini fighting game, in fact, the core idea of the small process and the pursuit of most mainstream fighting games is a departure, most of today's fighting games with the growth mechanism to bring a sense of achievement, as well as fighting games within the accumulation of days in exchange for the user bond and precipitation, while the mini fighting game more hope that the user to play the game after the unattached. This distinctive characteristics of the fighting game in fact also determines the direction of the mini fighting game - interaction is simple, fragmented fighting game days, weak growth mechanism, that is, those who can play a game of casual fighting game anytime, anywhere, and another important feature is the SNS relationship, QQ fighting game, SNS relationship and close friends interaction! SNS relationship and close friend interaction is definitely a core highlight. In addition to the circle of friends of the "jump a jump", we also from the QQ official first day of the number of access to the first batch of open to the public list of mini fighting games, from a list we can peek into the future of the mainstream mini fighting game model: the first batch of 17 fighting games, chess and casual category accounted for 5 and 10, and the majority of the fighting game commonality is - - multiplayer cooperation or competitive. -Multiplayer co-operation or competitiveness Just like the previous hot board fighting games, this kind of fighting game has a strong SNS attribute, which can make full use of the relationship chain on QQ to enhance the new experience of the fighting game and the effect of pulling in new people, and it is also mentioned in QQ's own introduction. The mini fighting game also provides a stop and watch function, which is equivalent to the simple fighting game "live broadcast" function of a circle of friends When the fighting game types are further enriched, stop and watch may even evolve into a casual fighting game as a starting point based on the QQ relationship chain of the whole population "live broadcast" What's even more interesting is that the small process of the characteristics of this no-threshold will be in the party and other offline scenarios to be able to get a further release. The more interesting point is that this no-threshold feature of small processes will be further released in offline scenes such as parties. Imagine, home for the holidays, relatives and friends at any time and place to pull out their mobile phones can come to a game of mahjong, coupled with the ranking and red packet mechanism ...... light such a scenario has enough imagination space 3 open to the outside world of the fighting game potential, the small process of the strategic turn of the fighting game to join, perhaps the small process of the complete acceleration of the wild up, the action game and strategy will change. Action games and strategies will change, like a Game Changer. As early as March this year, QQ small process has carried out a series of intensive potential opening up to the outside world, these interfaces open up to the outside world in the second half of this year began to focus on the impact, which is obvious is the field of e-commerce because of the public associated with more than one small process, small process of jumping, opening up to the outside world of the potential of the group! ...... and other potential open to the outside world, as well as the introduction of the strategy of "SNS reduction gold", the rise of SNS e-commerce rapidly, and in this year's double eleven created such as Mushroom Street, small process transactions over the App, niche boutique e-commerce iDS Big Eyes with a small process of 75 days to achieve the phenomenon of ten million dollars per month This series of potential release has been The release of this series of potential has begun to drive the chain reaction of the ecology, after the first few months of cautious trial water QQ began to accelerate forward. The further opening up of fighting games to the outside world is a more critical point, but also QQ at the end of 2017 to the developers of this year's big gift package fighting games to generate net red potential than any other form of product is stronger and more rapid and net red to promote an ecological role in the forward significant, the end of 2014, the public number is a net red quickly sent to the altar. SNS ecosystem of casual mini fighting game market demand has always existed, just need an effective way to stimulate them Facebook is a typical example in 2016, Facebook even if the communication product Messenger launched a H5 fighting game platform - Instant Games, and a typical typical fighting game platform - Instant Games, and a typical fighting game platform - Instant Games. In 2016, Facebook launched an H5 fighting game platform, Instant Games, for its messenger product, and a typical casual mini fighting game, Endless Lake, was released on the Instant Games platform in just three weeks and gained 12 million players, which is 120 times higher than that of the app shop, and the number of times of the fighting game exceeded 33 million.Instant Games and Messenger, mini fighting games and QQ, are the most popular fighting games in the world, and they are the most popular fighting games in the world. Instant Games and Messenger, mini fighting games and QQ are essentially doing the same thing, only the path of realisation is different, and the emergence of mini fighting games for QQ is a killer application to further activate online traffic, and fully activate the small flow ecological switch fighting game market demand market is huge, will be able to attract a large number of developers to influx, so that the whole ecological activity greatly increased. The characteristics of the fighting game and decided that it comes with a strong SNS propagation attributes, it is easy to appear net red in the QQ raging this half a year later, the current stage of the small process is still taking off, and the emergence of each net red will be like a burst of on the Sh airflow, will be the small process to a higher can be seen in the latest version of the QQ, the exit of the small process is mentioned in the forefront. The first screen directly down, will appear recently used small process! At that time should be in also no one said QQ small process of the exit to hide the depth of the bar ...... and not far from the Spring Festival for the mini fighting game is another rare opportunity, QQ as long as you can come up with some interesting enough marketing methods, mini fighting game to replicate the year's Spring Festival QQ red packet madness is not impossible At the same time, the potential of this kind of fighting game Open to the outside world is actually a class of the entire small process ecological maturity of the confidence embodiment, this confidence in the developers is likely to be a kind of good, means that QQ's small process ecological potential has been basically perfect, you can slowly let go of some of the protective limitations. 4 small process has never been with fighting games "insulation" is just the time has not yet come many people only heard the Kofon said "can not do fighting games," and ignored the front of "at that time" two words. "When the small process is still in the test, fighting game is already a lot of attention to the development of the field because in the QQ to do fighting games, there have been too many successful cases. The success of these fighting game cases has attracted more people to join QQ's fighting game ecosystem, especially inspired by Classic Aircraft Battle, the advantages of H5 fighting games in QQ's ecosystem have been further highlighted Simple enough, zero threshold, can show off, through the stimulation of competitive winners and losers, the rapid use of the QQ relationship chain for dissemination, this more efficient This is a more efficient means of introducing traffic to the circle of friends advertisement, making H5 fighting games the favourite of marketing. Any one of the fighting games has the potential to be a Netflix star, just like "Fight Penguin" and "Neuro Cat", I believe many people have been brushed by these two fighting games. The H5 mini fighting game that was hot for a while, Neurocats and Fighting Penguins So, when the new experience is far better than the H5 small process to be launched, those who have just made a lot of money from H5 are naturally full of expectations Unfortunately, Kefonen shouted "stop" when we were still rubbing our fists, because at that time, the small process was not mature enough and could not withstand the impact of the fighting game. Because the small process as QQ to build the future service potential extension, and even the key to commercialisation, its ecological foundation "is not correct" is very critical after the success of the public number, everyone knows that QQ has a traffic dividend, so QQ's every new platform will attract countless traffic players to go to the gold, the small process is no exception, but if an ecology in the beginning was overcrowded by the inflow of traffic and marketing behaviour is bound to inhibit its core! Functional development, in the long run, the core function can not be developed, the heat over the users can not be retained, the flow of players also left the field, leaving a deformed ecology and a chicken feather. Perhaps it is in order to avoid falling into the marketing of the traffic harvesting field, the small process at the beginning of the strangulation of most of the marketing possibilities, fighting games are also in which coupled with the small process was born, as a brand new product, but also hosted a lot of QQ's expectations of the product, QQ is naturally reluctant to let go of the reins of freedom, so that it is in a completely out of control in the development of the state of the direction and the new experience need to be QQ to control. We are not familiar with the rules, the first runway to draw some narrow, run up is not too easy to run away from the side and now on the shelves almost full two years of small process, in recent months has gained more than ever rapid momentum accumulation speed an intuitive evidence is that, in the third-party data platform released in the annual list of small process,. In the last 3 months, the rapid rise and into the list of the net red small process accounted for about 40% of the sharing economy of the hot small process more and more popular, SNS e-commerce hot really let the small process of net red frequently, paid users over a hundred million, the development of 75 days a month to earn ten million ...... all the net red case like a piece of dynamite, in a little bit of explosive open the small process! This gold mine. Gradually mature ecosystem and more familiar with the rules of the developers, this time and then open to the public fighting game has also become a matter of water and water.5 open to the public mini fighting game on the developers mean? As mentioned above, fighting games are a category with a lot of room for imagination, and there are a lot of opportunities for developers, especially for many H5 fighting game developers. The development environment provided by the small process and the mobile phone functions that can be called, compared to the previous H5 fighting game, can be said to be a bird shot for a gun also because of the relationship between the small process, call the user's best friend relationship, will be more smooth and perfect at the same time, the small process of the fixed exit so that the mini fighting game can retain the user, and will not be the same as to the H5, a shot to change a place. Although QQ and the small process always adhere to the principle of decentralisation, this principle will be a considerable challenge for the promotion of fighting games, but perhaps like decentralised SNS e-commerce, when the user base of QQ and the complexity of the relationship chain, decentralisation will naturally be decentralised to promote action games. The QQ will probably also launch some corresponding incentives to help the popularity of the mini fighting game and in addition to the development, is the fighting game purchase, which will be a smoother road to cash can help developers directly to achieve efficient traffic realisation However, according to our understanding, at present, only the Android side of the mini fighting game to support a small number of fighting game merchandise purchases, the iOS side of the Apple App Store because of the special nature of the policy does not support. According to the latest news from QQ, the number of days the B-end is open to the public is to be determined, but it should be very soon Before that, QQ has provided official development documents and tools to facilitate developers to try to develop the mini fighting game without logging in to the account (QQ official development documents portal 👉 http://t.cn/RHInORK). The officially announced days of opening to the public will likely be in the near future.6 What will the opening of the mini fighting game potential to the public bring? After the opening of the mini fighting game to the public, I believe that QQ's pace of releasing the potential of the small process will not slow down, and it is likely that it will instead speed up So, we may as well make a few bold guesses: 1. The ban on the sharing of the small process in the circle of friends is likely to be due to the emergence of the mini fighting game and a turnaround. In the future, it is likely to be partially or even completely open to the public; 2. Mini fighting games are likely to further optimize their potential in the dialogue list in the future, for example, like the iMessage fighting game added to iMessage in iOS 10, which allows you to play interactive fighting games directly in the dialogue interface; 3. Interaction with more offline fighting game scenarios occurs, for example, using QQ to control the crane machine to catch dolls, Best friends sweep code to play the same arcade fighting game ...... and so on; At that time you play QQ mini fighting game? As long as you preview the latest version of QQ, you can participate in the mini-fighting game internal test and in the latest version of QQ top, pull down to find used small process Oh ~ mother no longer need to worry about me not to find a small process exit ~. 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